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Petschedule.com is a fast and powerful International Dog and Cat Online Appointment Scheduling Grooming Software Solution for your grooming salon or boarding facility.

A simple design for your complicated needs.
Increase revenue by decreasing errors.
Communicate with customers by email.
Create templates for sending newsletter's.

Customize your unique prices by using over 200 pre-populated breeds of dogs and cats. Setup some services or packages and any extra services you need.
  Enjoy the benefits of an integrated online appointment scheduling that can handle both your dog and cat grooming and boarding customers in one software solution.

That's like 2 products for the price of 1.
Both products come with the ability to enter unlimited number of customers/pets.
See Pricing for more details.

Best of all, there is NOTHING to install, and you can access it from anywhere in the world using any Internet connected computer.

Key Benefits

Nothing to Install
Quick and Easy Setup
Unlimited Appointments and Services
Customer Support
Step by Step Guides
Available from Any Computer
Daily Backups
Safe and Secure

Key Features

Appointment Book
Multiple Employee's
Employee Commission Reports
Employee Communications
Integrated Pet Schedule
Sales Transaction History
Over 200 breeds of Dogs and Cats
Sortable Customer and Pet Lists
Weekly and Monthly Views
Complete Pet History
Full Reporting Charts and Graphs
Add Photos of the Pets
Customize Price by Breed
Printable Invoices
Free Lifetime Upgrades
Customer Communications
Multiple Color Themes
Automatic E-Mail Appointment Reminders
Export you Customers/Pets to Excel

For More Information, contact: sales@petschedule.com Contact Sales

Key Benefit Information

This Pet Scheduling technology uses the current Internet software, so there is nothing else to install.

Setting up customer grooming or boarding appointment records are quick and easy.

There is no limit on the number of customer or pets you have appointments or boarding services for.

Dedicated scheduling support, contact us via email or use our online ticket support system.

Online help with Step by Step Guides on everything from scheduling,boarding,customers,services,etc..

Installing scheduling software on a computer is a thing of the past. You can now schedule online.

Don't ever worry about losing your data, we perform daily backups of your customers and pets information.

Logins with usernames and passwords using SSL, for a safe and secure working environment.

Key Feature Information

Keep track of all your customers in an online appointment book for easy access anywhere in the world.

Appointment for grooming or boarding in one simple integrated pet schedule software program.

Store and review a complete sales transaction history for each pet appointment or boarding record.

Select from over 200 breeds of dogs and cats to customize each individual pet.

Customer and Pet Lists all have sortable headers to view it differently.

View or Print your appointment schedule using a weekly and monthly calendar view.

Save complete pet history including all appointment and boarding invoices.

A complete full set of reporting charts and graphs for sales, customers, and pets.

Add your favorite pictures of the pets you set appointments or board, and show them on multiple pages.

Customize prices for each service by specific breed.

Every appointment has a printable invoice with your company name and information.

Never worry about paying and applying updates, with our pet schedule software, you get Free Upgrades.

Send your customers email, individually or Mass mail, and record all communication details.

Setup Automatic E-Mail to remind customers of up to 7 days prior to appointment.

Create and Save templates for email, messages, or phone notes.

Pescehdule.com Safe and Secure

Your Data is Safe, Secure and Backed-up.

Petschedule, Inc. takes security and privacy very seriously. We protect your business-critical information thru the use of secure socket layer (SSL) technology, and database encryption on sensitive fields. Your data is backed up nightly, and stored at an off-site secure location. Petschedule, Inc. never sell/shares any customer or client information with third parties, unless required by law. For more information, please Read our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service.